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The Heart of Our Community

Parsons Memorial Library provides the Alfred community with extensive materials and a comfortable environment. Since our foundation in 1903, we have been proud to be a positive resource for our patrons.

Our library is the result of a dream held by members of the Alfred Reading Club, which was organized in 1876. The club reached out to Rev. John Parsons, suggesting the Parsons Family might wish to donate a library in memory of Edwin, John's brother. The Parsons were early Alfred settlers; William Parsons was Alfred's first Justice of the Peace.

The ground breaking was held in 1900. When the building was complete and dedicated in 1903, the Reading Club donated its books (about 1,400 volumes).

Since then, our Library has transformed into a community hub that contributes much more than just free books. We provide access to ideas, information, and experiences that support and enrich lives for people of all ages, abilities, and means.

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