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Shaker Credit Report

Transcribed by Bruce R. Tucker of the Alfred Historical Committee

Lawyer Samuel Came did local work for the R.G.Dunn collection agency located in New York [forerunner of Dunn & Bradstreet]. He periodically evaluated local businesses and potential borrowers as to their credit worthiness. This is his assessment of the Shaker Community finances for 1881. “Continue to have confidence and respect of the community. Pay well and deal fairly.

Aug. 9, 1881: Are considered perfectly trustworthy, make close bargains generally at wholesale prices and pay as agreed.

April 18, 1882: Affairs remarkably well managed, credit undoubted.

Sept.18, 1882:No change in officers, are going along smoothly, credit all right.

April 14, 1883: Same officers, keep buildings in good repair. Business matters well managed.

Sept.14, 1883: Still financially sound.

March 21, 1884: Otis Sawyer, the Elder of this Society & Gloucester family, died this month and J.B. Vance elected to his place, still remaining trustee of this Society. No other noticeable change.

Oct. 1884: Continue to have perfect credit.

April 1885: Vance and Pendar still trustees managing the business of the Society. Vance the real head manager is a cool, cautious, shrewd business man and will take good care of the Society's interest. The Society will doubtless pay all bills contracted by the trustees.

Oct. 1887: No change in officers, credit still good.

Came continued to give the Society glowing credit reports through the end of these records in 1889.

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