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Allison Williams becomes a PML Trustee

If you’ve ever been to the library

(or Town Hall or Alfred Parish Church or the Alfred

Museum or Alfred Festial or anywhere in Alfred, really)

you’ve probably met Almon and Allison Williams.

During their regular visit this week, we mentioned that

 the circulation desk chair was in need of repair. They toted it away and returned a few hours later with a new caned seat.

Thank you Allison and Almon for

decades of dedication, care and generosity.

Libraries are Forever.

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2023 PML Party inv flyer.png


May 19, 2023


Sanford Tribune front page from June 29th

“An original portrait of Sally Holmes,

wife of Senator John Holmes, one of Alfred’s earliest settlers,

will be presented and unveiled in the the Parsons Memorial Library

in the Shiretown on Thursday, July 6.”

The Alfred annual report shows there were

other acts of remarkable generosity that year.

(originally posted April 21, 2023)

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The dawn of our computer age!

PML has come a long way from 

“We anticipate providing Internet Access

for the residents of Alfred sometime in 1997.”

In 2023 we’ve got our own website, host free wi-fi, and provide

patron laptops on portable desks built by Story Time stuffies!

(originally posted April 14, 2023)


Excerpt from the Alfred Annual Report

“Not only did the library celebrate its 75th anniversary in October, but it simultaneously opened the Bertha F. Drew Children’s Room in the library basement, thus allowing expanded services to patrons.”

Our Children’s Room is 45!

(originally posted April 7, 2023)

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The C. G. Magnuson Wing

Ground was broken for work to begin, the library was about to change! A closer look at an Alfred landmark calendar from that year shows one thing has remained the same... Maine Maple Sunday! For a peek at these treasures, stop by PML for a visit.
(originally posted March 31, 2023)


PML opens its doors!

What was life in America like 120 years ago? Borrow Horatio’s Drive, America’s First Road Trip and see for yourself! This Ken Burns film follows Vermont doctor Horatio Jackson on his 1903 cross country trek with co-driver Sewall Crocker and a bulldog named Bud. 
(originally posted March 24, 2023)

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Depending on the severity of the storm predicted for Saturday, 9/16, the Library may be closed.

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